Server Colocation

Special Promo

Special Promo

Sign up for a new server colocation cabinet and you won't have to pay the setup fee, your first month is free, you'll get 29 usable IP addresses and 10/10mbps bandwidth. This is the best deal we've ever offered and no contract is required! (* See details below.)

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By hosting your own server in our secure colocation facility you retain complete control over your hardware while taking advantage of our 24x7x365 manned colocation facility. Let us provide power, cooling and bandwidth for your server. Our facility in Lacey, WA has:

  • Multiple geographically diverse uplinks to the Internet
  • All colocations include UPS and generator backup
  • Multiple 20 Amp circuits available in every cabinet
  • 220v power available for blade chassis
  • One third, one half, and full cabinets available
  • 5 available static IP addresses are provided with any cabinet plan.
  • 24x7 monitoring, cameras and staff escorts

Server maintenance plans and monitoring are available upon request.

Contact us for more information or to arrange for an on-site tour.

* Our special promo is available to any new or existing customer. Here's a break down of the savings and special offers:

  • First month free ($325-$650 savings)
  • No setup Fee ($325-$650 savings)
  • Free upgrade to 29 usable IP addresses (standard is 5 IP's)
  • Free upgrade to 10/10mbps bandwidth (standard is 3/3mbps)
  • No contract required