Managed Firewall Service

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Managed firewall service provides the highest level of security, with 24×7 monitoring to ensure that your data is secured and that your employees have secure remote access to the office.

All businesses with a dedicated high-speed Internet connection should have a firewall in place as a standard security measure to help protect your company and employees. However, many small businesses do not have the staff or expertise to analyze security needs and to configure a firewall appropriately. ReachONE can work directly with you to identify existing network policies and help implement new ones, then put them directly to work for you. This level of security can increase your HIPPA & PCI compliance rates and give you peace of mind knowing that a team of security professionals are available.

Benefits of a Managed Firewall:

  • Protect your network and users from outside intrusion and attacks
  • Comply with customer data protection by denying access to your network
  • Maintain 24×7 security with remote monitoring and maintenance
  • Quickly identify and stop Internet-based attacks
  • Provide employees with secure encrypted remote access using IPSEC and SSL VPN technology
  • Have all security updates and patches applied by ReachONE to ensure all security features and rules are up-to-date
  • Improve IT staff performance by letting ReachONE handle your Internet security

For this service ReachONE installs, configures and maintains a firewall device on your behalf at your office. Typically we install a Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance with a 50-User license, which allows up to 50 users on the inside of the firewall. The firewall provides NAT (Network Address Translation) and can optionally include DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol). It is not required for ReachONE to be the ISP (Internet Service Provider) for this service, although it is highly preferred.

For more information on ReachONE’s managed firewall service, please contact one of our sales staff.