What is BlueWire?


ReachONE Internet has the ability to connect geographically disperse customer sites together over our BlueWire Network. ReachONE’s BlueWire Network provides your company with the speed, security and convenience of a LAN combined with our proven infrastructure. In addition, ReachONE offers many ways to access our network: fiber, Ethernet, DSL, wireless, T1 and more. As a result, your company can replace costly point-to-point circuits with the most cost-effective links to one of our nearby locations.

The advantages of ReachONE’s BlueWire Network are:

  • Access: various access types from geographically disperse locations are supported. The boss can connect using DSL at home. The satellite office can connect with a T1 line and the main office might have a 100Mbps metro ethernet.
  • Reliability: Put our infrastructure, monitoring, and access-control to work for your company. We work hard to make sure that our network is redundant in every way possible: multi-homed Internet feeds, battery and generator backup, and 24x7 monitoring makes sure that your network is always up.
  • Affordability: Many companies have seen significant cost savings by switching to our BlueWire Network. The elimination of multiple and costly point-to-point links, more modest hardware requirements and simplified network management means you can spend less money and time on your network.

ReachONE’s BlueWire Network has many characteristics of what is commonly referred to as an MPLS VPN. MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) gives our network a great deal of flexibility to divert and route traffic around link failures, congestion, and bottlenecks. We deploy a variety of technologies to place your data on a dedicated virtual network which is isolated and protected from other customers and the Internet. The BlueWire Network product line supports:

  • Multiple access media: DSL, metro Ethernet, fiber-optics, T1, frame-relay and more.
  • Static or dynamic routing protocols are supported (RIP,BGP and EIGRP).
  • Quality of Service ensures that your critical applications get the highest priority.
  • Proactive monitoring and alerting services lets your IT staff know there’s a issue before it becomes a problem.

For more information on ReachONE’s BlueWire Network and other product offerings, please contact ReachONE’s sales staff.