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Why WordPress for Your Website?

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About one-sixth of all websites on the world wide web are created using WordPress (WP). Pretty amazing, eh? We were surprised too.

WP started out primarily as blogging software, but it has come a long way and we at ReachONE can use it as a Content Management System (CMS) to build your new exciting website.

WP allows updates when you login via a webpage to a "dashboard" OR if you prefer you can have one of our ReachONE website developers do your updates for you by sending us an email. Simple and easy either way. The nice part is it offers you flexibility for either/or.

Another nice thing about WP is you can update the look of your website fairly easily by changing the theme. WP is connected to a database that stores all of your webpage content helping make this possible. You can easily download backups to your local computer as well.

You can have static webpages and blogging posts with WP. If you post information in the "blogging" area, you can write and create it ahead of your date and assign it the date you want it to appear on your website. Pretty nifty!

You can also import a Google calendar into one of your pages. There are many free plug-ins for WP that make it do a lot of cool stuff.

We can install WP and one of the custom themes you choose at StudioPress.com for your next website. We'll also install a special plugin so you can create your own cool Contact Us form page.

So here's what you get for just $297* (over $500 value!)…

  • Your own domain name for 1st year, if you don't already have one ($20 value)
  • Help in selecting a domain name based on keyword analysis ($100 value)
  • WP installation ($97 value)
  • Database setup and connection to WP ($47 value)
  • Installation of a StudioPress theme you select ($79 value)
  • Special Forms Plugin installation ($147 value)
  • Online WP training for 1 month if desired ($25 value)

Hosting your new website is $25* per month with domain name emails (i.e., info@yourdomain.com, etc.) or $15* per month for website hosting only.

Additional WP Features you may be interested in:

  • For an additional $200* we'll create the header graphics for you and teach you over the phone how to add additional pages, menu items to your website (up to 1 hour of time) or you can come into our office if you live close enough.
  • For an additional $700* (total of $997) we'll populate your entire website with photos and text based on the materials you provide (covers up to 10 pages and 10 blog posts, if needed) and turn it over to you to continue to update or ReachONE can continue to do your updates for a fee if you choose. More than 10 pages can also be added at additional cost.

So, what are you waiting for … call Russ Hansen at 1-888-820-7559 x6354 to discuss all of this further or contact us online.

Here are a few WordPress driven websites we've helped with:

*All pricing is subject to change.